Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Visual Analysis

  The quote I picked by Jean Baudrillard was: "Americans may have no identity, but they do have wonderful teeth."
       This quote stood out to me because I noticed it contained a hint of irony and holds some truth to it. As generations pass, Americans lose their identity more and more as they succumb to societies' standards of, for example, social media, as well as mainstream topics that reserve all of their attention such as celebrity headlines, etc. My project focuses on an analogous color scheme that includes magenta, light blue and royal blue. I thought these colors mixed well in accordance to the pictures I picked of teeth as well as the tye dye clippings that I thought would fit in nicely with the magentas and the different shades of blue.
       There's a reason I chose these colors. The color magenta in my mind symbolizes happiness, and I wanted to paint a picture which included both the emotions of happiness (which represent the Americans' nice teeth in the quote) and the void emptiness of what it means to have no identity. The light blue plays up the magenta a little and creates a cheerful and almost 'fake' mood that can relate to the 'nice teeth' aspect of the quotation. The royal blue (as well as the black markings) can play down the pretty magenta and light blue hues and give my painting a bit of a depressing vibe. The pictures of teeth also hold different definitions. The pretty ones relate to the happy mood I'm trying to convey, while the scary and dark ones play on the 'no identity' aspect of Jean Baudrillard's quote.