Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I did two separate pieces to demonstrate the different phases Whitten went through while he was experimenting with art. The first, being my 'Tools' piece, I tried to keep a warm color scheme on. Using light colors, I tried to focus on the marks the tools would create. Using an afro comb I embedded into the wet orange and yellow paint that I used as my background, I created marks that highlighted the rings of red from a plastic cup I decided to implement as a top layer once the wet paint dried. My next piece focused on cooler colors, like the 9/11 piece I saw at the BMA. Using a plastic fork, staples, tissues, bleach powder and dark and light hues of blue, I tried to bring the diamond in the middle almost up and out of the page to make it the focal point, even with a lot going on around it. 

I definitely learned a lot this year. Art class has helped me look at the creative side of things and not keep such a structured mindset. In the beginning, I was a little hesitant to 'pour' it all out on the canvas and remain unstructured in some cases, but as the year went on I realized that breaking out of your shell and painting what you feel makes your artwork that much more unique and highlights who you are as an individual person. I love how you can look at a piece of art and know who did it just by the style of it. This class was a lot of fun and informative, and there's really nothing that I would change about it.