Thursday, March 30, 2017

Postmodernism Introduction: I was a bit confused by this reading. It provided me with explaining all of the different types of ethnic cultures and traditions, but I failed to grasp a direct definition of postmodernism. What I understood is that all of these different mixes of cultures blend together to create an "earthquake" of expression. All of these blends form small examples of new ways of thinking and viewing the world in distinct perspectives constantly. We're evolving into our postmodern definitions facet by facet, and artists now are evolving their styles to match this progressive movement. These work of art reflect the postmodern condition.

Hyperreal and imaginary: This reading discussed the ideological ways of life in America. Imaginary examples such as Disneyland are set up throughout America as deterrences that "set up in order to rejuvenate in reverse the fiction of the real." It makes us believe we are in a fake land, one that embodies different emotions that the 'real' America may not bring because of its realistic characteristics that remind people of the worries in their lives.

Frederick Jameson: What I understood from this reading is that all of the different cultural interpretations must express themselves through a certain medium. The different ways of showing their feelings and emotions through art can manifest themselves through this movement without being left in the dark. Instead of being "a coexistence of a host of distinct forces whose effectivity is undecidable" these expressions can now be categorized.

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